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Commercial sinks Mirrors behind a row of sinks

When you need fantastic new cubicles or shower rooms installed on your commercial premises, look no further than Hemming & Morris Shopfitters Ltd. Our plumbing service carries out all the installations that you require.

We carry out a variety of plumbing installations such as showers and toilets as part of a refurbishment package.

From cubicle systems to shower rooms our plumbing installations get it all done for you.

 •  Plumbing installations

 •  Toilets & washrooms

 •  Shower rooms

Hemming & Morris Shopfitters Ltd ensure you can benefit from a wide range of styles and designs for the plumbing installations on your commercial premises.

Ensure you get qualified plumbers

on the job

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Making sure you get the plumbing help you need

Get what you need

What you will get

Stylish options and designs available for you

Giving you a comprehensive commercial washroom service