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Suspended ceiling in a modern office A suspended ceiling with lighting

Want a simple solution to cover up that old ceiling that's making your office look bad? Hemming & Morris Shopfitters Ltd can provide you with quality suspended ceilings across Birmingham, Solihull and Warwickshire.

A suspended ceiling improves the look of your office as well as adding acoustic and heat insulation and being easier, cheaper and cleaner.

Give your ceiling a new lease of life with a suspended ceiling

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Adding class to your commercial property

What it does for you

Suspended ceilings add benefits such as acoustic and heat insulation as well as an aesthetic value for you.




Lighting can greatly be improved on your suspended ceilings using a number of techniques. Suspended ceilings are excellent in optimising light reflection and help save on energy consumption.

Suspended ceilings hide and provide access to pipes and electrical fixtures, yet provide access to telephones, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, smoke detection and sprinkler systems.

Suspended ceilings absorb and reduce noise using high performance sound absorption materials to improve room to room sound attenuation.